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Sesame StreetThere's nothing like working with Big Bird and Grover!

Sesame Street wanted something special for their Web site for their 30th Anniversary and selected PeopleSpace to create some Interactivities. The Sesame Street Web site used both our Multi-player and Single-Player trivia games.

These projects took major coordination on all fronts. Everything from content to layout and design had to be approved by Sesame Street. The goal was to create entertaining Interactivities that reflected the Sesame Street product line and branding.

The interesting twist on this project was that the games weren't for kids. Sesame Street wanted an activity for adults and folks who grew up watching the show... either as children or with their children. With over 30 years of history and stories, it was a challenge to develop a game that had a broad appeal. So, the game touches on everyone from Mr. Hooper (one of the original characters) to Rosita.

So... do you know how to get to Sesame Street? Click here for a screenshot of our game in action!