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As we say here at PeopleSpace, there are no sticky problems, only sticky solutions. Here are some customers who found their solution at PeopleSpace.

FoxSports was looking for advertainment (a marketing-based game) for a promotion with MasterCard and the NHL. PeopleSpace created two games that were branded NHL and MasterCard. needed gaming entertainment for the 2000 Summer Olympics web site. PeopleSpace created more than 30 trivia games on sports ranging from diving to triathlon.

Ask Jeeves
Ask Jeeves was looking for a way to improve user acquisition and retention on its web site. PeopleSpace is designing their multiplayer Trivia Sweepstakes.

When Kesmai sought to improve user acquisition and retention on its gaming site, PeopleSpace created a series of easy-play games ranging from golf- to space-related themes. wanted entertaining kids' games, branded with a dental theme. PeopleSpace created five games for the site, including Whack-a-Molar and Grin & Pair It. requested a quality game as an entertainment feature to assist with user retention. PeopleSpace is licensing a Strip Poker game with Playboy models as game characters.

Boxerjam was looking for a "viral" game that would help attract users to its game site, a game that Boxerjam members would send to their friends. PeopleSpace developed the concept and did the programming.

Mindshare, on behalf of the Business Software Allaince, wanted to educate the market about software piracy. PeopleSpace created a set of trivia games that both entertain and educate - "edutainment."

Sesame Street
Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Sesame Street was looking for an interesting online promotion. PeopleSpace created multiplayer and a single-player trivia games based on Sesame Street characters and content.

PeopleSpace created an interactive educational tool so Capital One could educate users about various aspects of its business.
iVillage needed technical and creative development assistance. PeopleSpace created a series of products for iVillage, including their highly successful Baby Name Finder. was looking for fresh content for its game site. PeopleSpace created a Shockwave soccer game with artificial intelligence for both offensive and defensive play. PeopleSpace continues to work with in concept and game development.