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Fox Sports
“To build a following, you’ve got to offer something interactive to get folks involved with your site. That’s the sort of thing we found with the hockey game that PeopleSpace did for us. It was a cool little hook for our Web site.”

Rich Libero - FOX Sports

Service Merchandise “I called PeopleSpace when I had about two weeks to pull off a major campaign. They listened, heard the need, and worked with my limitations as far as size and budget. They were extremely helpful, extremely knowledgeable, and they delivered more than I expected. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Tracy Gibbs - Service Merchandise “[PeopleSpace] tailored their products to fit the integrity of our community and targeted interests of our membership. Our Baby Name Finder (developed by PeopleSpace) is a favorite among members of our parenting communities.”

Tony Morelli - iVillage