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Daily Statistics

Designed to be thought-provoking and to encourage discussion.


Hourly wage of an exterminator: $10.25
Hourly salary of a childcare worker: $6.17

(Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Why do we pay somebody four dollars an hour more to get rid of bugs than to take care of kids?


stat2.jpg (10238 bytes)Managed-care health plans that routinely cover abortion: 9 in 10

Managed-care health plans that routinely cover contraception:  4 in 10

(The Alan Guttmacher Institute)

Why are insurance companies more willing to pay for this procedure than to prevent it?


stat3.JPG (4013 bytes)Out of 3000 men and women surveyed, percentage who would sell sexual services for $100:

Men: 90%
Women: 9%

(Men's Health Magazine)

What's your price?


stat4.jpg (2650 bytes)Percentage of all births that were out-of-wedlock: 26%

Percentage of of never-married women that are mothers: 20%

(US Census Bureau most recent stats-1994)

Is it important for mothers to be married? Do these numbers seem high or low to you?

stat5.jpg (4805 bytes)Median age of women marrying for the first time:

1970: 20.8     1994: 24.5

Percentage of women aged 30-34 who have never married:

1970: 6%     1994: 20%
(US Census Bureau)

How old were you when you first got married? If you've never married, are you still hoping you will? Is it important to you?

stat6.jpg (3004 bytes)Average number of performance days lost per high-school cheerleading injury each year : 28.8

Average number lost per high-school football injury : 5.6

(Harper's Index)

Did you envy your high-school cheerleaders? Should we be encouraging our daughters to participate in sports instead?

stat7.jpg (3494 bytes)Average amount by which the household income of a thin woman exceeds that of a fat woman: $6,710

Percentage of people who regain diet-related weight loss within three years: 95%

(New England Journal of Medicine, September 30, 1993; International Journal of Obesity, #13, 1989)

Are heavier women discriminated against in the job market? Have you lost weight, only to gain it back soon after?

stat8.jpg (2155 bytes)Percentage of nine-year-old girls who said that they "felt happy the way I am": 60%

Percentage of teenage girls who said that they "felt happy the way I am": 29%

(1988 study of the psychological development of teenage girls by Harvard professor Carol Gilligan)

Do you feel happy the way you are? Do you think your daughter does?

stat9.jpg (3116 bytes)

Percentage of American women who consider themselves pretty: 13%

Percentage of American men who consider themselves handsome: 29%

(How you Rate: Women, by Tom Biracree, Dell Publishing, 1984)

How do you define beauty? What's beautiful about you?

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