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I don't want to read about it, I just want to play!

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Dental Defense is a Shockwave game created for, a dental information and education site. The client wanted some games and activities that would appeal to kids visiting the site while maintaining a dentistry theme. However, the hope was that the games might also appeal to the dental professionals who visit the site.

So, we wanted a game that was easy to play, but had subtle levels of complexity. The idea behind Dental defense is fairly simple: you zap sweets with toothpaste before they get to your teeth and rot them. There are ten levels to the game that get progressively more difficult. If you do well over time, you get a Megashield of toothpaste that adds extra protection.

Kids can play the lower levels and have fun. However, the higher levels add a challenge that make the game entertaining even for adults. And, there are subtleties (let the Apples through for more protection) that increase complexity.

The game is branded for, but is also designed for additional marketing opportunities. For example, the Toothpaste "cannon" in the game could be sponsored by Colgate or Crest or similar product. In that case, we would brand the toothpaste and tube for the sponsor. So... wanna play?