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If you have ambitious plans for your web site, go for the fast-track community builder -- multiplayer trivia. This Java-based game features an unlimited number of questions and works from the same database as single-player trivia. As with the single-player version, design and layout options are virtually limitless, and branding opportunities abound. The similarities, however, end there.

In multiplayer trivia, players may gather in any of a number of virtual "rooms" to chat and compete head-to-head in real time. Up to 50 players may gather in any one room and compete simultaneously. They'll likely play multiple games and quit with a reminder to fellow players about getting together again. "Bedtime. Signing off. Same time tomorrow?"

Now that's community!

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Sesame Street Multi-player Trivia

Sesame Street Trivia Opening Screen

Intermission Screen

Question and Answer Screens

Multiplayer/Single Player Comparison