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Microsoft trial inspires Web-based game
Tongue-in-cheek 'Megalomania' lampoons Gates

Is it possible to take Microsoft too seriously?

Well, probably not. But we do think Bill Gates takes himself a tad seriously. So we at PeopleSpace are offering the world an irreverent bit of fun at Bill's expense. Hey, he can afford it. And, frankly, with this ponderous trial finally at front stage, we can all use the comic relief.

"Megalomania" is a very small download, and it's fun, quick, and easy to play. You can progress up the ladder of game levels in almost no time at all by helping Bill shoot down the likes of Apple, Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Linux and many others. And each time you advance, you get to enjoy a few words of wisdom from The Man Himself or some keen observations by various Bill watchers.

Best of all: It's free!

To play, just click this link: http://games/action/megalomania/index.html

Download Shockwave from the play page, and you're ready to play "Megalomania." In fact, why not take the game and add it to your own Web site so others can play, too - directly from your Web pages? Hey - it's free! Take it! Then put out the word that "Megalomania" can be played at your Web site. Watch your hit rate soar as folks discover that your Web site reveals Microsoft's most intimate secret: That Bill Gates can really be a fun guy!

"Megalomania" is a game of the people, for the people, and by the people from PeopleSpace! Take our game - please.

(Aw, Bill, we were just having a little funů.)