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PeopleSpace's Golden Girls Trivia Tournament Generates Almost 500,000 Game Plays In November

Trivia Game On Lifetime Site Draws Over 35,000 Loyal Golden Girls Fans

Charlottesville, Virginia (November 29, 2001)-Lifetime Television has joined forces with PeopleSpace to launch an extremely successful "Golden Girls" Trivia Tournament on the popular Lifetime Web site. The tournament, which kicked-off in the last week of October, has generated over 35,000 registered users accruing more than 400,000 total games played in one month.

The month-long trivia tournament, which consisted of 10 questions per day based on the popular show, ran on the Web site 24-hours a day, five days a week. Game usage gradually increased every day over the course of the month and registered the highest traffic during the weekday back-to-back 30-minute episodes of the program between 6 and 7 p.m. Peak usage occurred during the last five minutes of each episode. Lifetime Television promoted the online game through advertising spots during the "Golden Girls" time slot, while the television program was continuously promoted on the Web site.

"The game capitalized on the rising trend of simultaneous television viewing and Internet use. Many of the players have their computers and televisions in the same room and play while they are watching the show," said Jack Smith, President of PeopleSpace.

While the game was targeted towards the 25 to 54 year old primarily female "Golden Girls" fan base, it skewed towards the younger portion of that demographic. PeopleSpace has demonstrated its ability to expand the "Golden Girls" audience through the game's dynamic and cutting edge design.

"The players were not necessarily your typical gamers. Many of these people did not know what a Leader Board was and are first time casual players. In my mind they represent the future of the gaming industry," Smith noted.

In order to pay tribute to the loyal "Golden Girls" fans that were entrenched in the trivia, the Lifetime Television Web site, recently posted the top 30 scores for the month.

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