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Trivia Now an Olympic Event at NBC-Games Site

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - July 3, 2000 - Didn't quite make the cut in your sport for the 2000 Summer Olympics? Well, you still have a chance to compete. has turned to the developers of Sesame Street trivia to produce a series of online trivia games based on the upcoming Summer Olympics.

PeopleSpace Inc.'s pioneering game technologies add an entertaining, interactive element to the co-sponsored web site, which leverages NBC's leadership in sports broadcast media and Quokka Sports' leadership in digital sports entertainment., hosted by IBM, will provide comprehensive coverage of the 2000 Summer Olympics and is expected to draw more than a billion page views during the course of the games. One of the critical challenges NBC and Quokka faced was to find a company whose online entertainment technologies could handle such a staggering volume of traffic.

"The user retention goals of are like those of any other business site," notes David Borchardt, director of sales and marketing for PeopleSpace. "NBC and Quokka Sports want as many eyes as possible to visit their site as often as possible, and to stay as long as possible. The branded entertainment products offered by PeopleSpace are developed for just those purposes."

Olympics enthusiasts will race the clock to answer a series of questions relating to specific events. From the home page, players can go to either the "Triathlon" or "Diving" page, look under the "Games" heading and click on "Trivia." PeopleSpace soon will add trivia for track & field, gymnastics, swimming and other sports, culminating in September with a series of daily games that correspond to each day's Olympic competition.

PeopleSpace is a leading provider of branded marketing solutions, games, and online community tools designed to attract and retain visitors to web sites. Products and services include action games, single- and multiplayer trivia, live online chats, polls, surveys and streaming content. All can be branded for any company or product.

"We offer a dynamic alternative to the white noise of banner ads and static web sites," says Jack Smith, PeopleSpace president and CEO. "Companies now realize that there is little advantage in owning a web site unless it offers visitors a variety of compelling reasons to return again and again. That's our niche."

Along with Sesame Street, PeopleSpace has developed products for Fox Sports, Electronic Arts, Ask Jeeves, iVillage and