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Factoids - tidbits for fun or learning, such as "Joke of the Day," "Today's Celebrity Birthdays," and "Science Question of the Day" - have been gaining popularity on the Web. PeopleSpace can provide a daily menu of history, news, birthdays, etc., posted to your web site.

Similarly, a Question of the Day (or Week, Month, etc.) combines education and entertainment. The questions are queued in a program and cycled on a regular (daily, weekly or whatever) basis. As an additional feature, links can be built into the answer.

For example, a question might ask which military operation is associated with the code name "Overlord." The text containing the answer, D-Day, might include links to, or to the sponsoring organizations for the planned World War II Memorial or the recently unveiled D-Day Memorial, or to any organization or business connected in any way.

We can develop a whole suite of entertainment options with customized content; such as FACTS OF THE DAY and/or DAILY STATISTICS.