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If you have a game idea, we can build it. If you don't have an idea, we can create one (or many). If you want something off the shelf, we have dozens of games to choose from. If you want customized and branded games, we can do that, too.
See some or our game samples or visit our game site.

We offer three main development opportunities:


Use games to reinforce your branding and identity. This form of "advertainment" can entertain your users while strengthening product identity.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can be a valuable tool. PeopleSpace had its own success with a viral marketing game called Megalomania, which spoofs Microsoft's Bill Gates. We released the game during the Microsoft antitrust trial and received some impressive media coverage, including a designation as USA Today's Hot Site of the Day. We can do the same for you.

Custom Development

PeopleSpace can develop games based on your concept or marketing goals. We develop in Java, Shockwave, Flash, C++ and other languages.